Mont Saint-Michel Bay guide, Julien Avril

Welcome in the most beautiful bay in the world ! Crossing the bay of mount saint-michel is an incredible experience.
Along this trip, you will discover wonderful landscapes : open water, sand dunes, saltwater meadows, marshes,…Hiking will leave you light-headed from the the bracing sea air & feel the natural world that surrounds you.

I am a  nature guide and will present this constantly changing area.
All year round, activities are organised for adults, children, amateurs ans enthusiasts.

Bay of Mount Saint Michel
Bay of Mount Saint Michel


Julien Avril, Mont Saint-Michel Bay guide
Discover the isles of Chausey and marine life in our area

(+33) 6 64 28 54 40


Breathe in and let the sea-spray intoxicate you, feel the grains of sand under your bare feet as you cross the Bay. Just imagine, as you walk along, all the life that’s going on beneath you. Relax and drink in the wondrous delights of NATURE in our beautiful Mont Saint-Michel Bay. The experience is an unforgettable one.
As your fully qualified independent guide, I will share with you my passion for Nature and ensure you get to know this magnificent area, whose beauty and interest is boundless. During the friendly and enjoyable crossing, not only do I explain how the eco-system works here: the tides, the flora and fauna, the shifting sands, and the « silt-removal » project, but I also cover both the history of the Mont and the legends that surround it.
I offer a range of crossings, including one specifically for children. Respect for the environment is paramount on all my outings. In the interests of safety and to ensure that all group members can hear the commentary, numbers on each trip are limited. Come along and join me!

Depending on the route: 10 - 15 euros per adult & 5 - 6 euros per child (age 6-16)
Groups : price on application
Availability : year round
GPS Co-ordinates
Latitude : 48.636
Longitude : -1.5121
(Mont Saint-Michel)

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